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Morning thoughts over coffee (28 Aug 2014

My thoughts this morning:

Ok, first see the President speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The man pauses expecting applause -vs- pausing anticipating applause. He won’t fire anyone, they just disappear like Seals, but I don’t think it’s his speech writers. Valerie Jarrett controls that; and well the POTUS is his narrascistic self. When your running a government that ignores laws it doesn’t like, interjects into state matters, avoids it’s own, and creates regulation or executive orders where the laws they desire do not already exist; it does not matter what the legislature does. Unfortunately the left believes the legislature is the biggest problem here. If the legislature would abandon lawmaking completely and just conduct and prosecute oversight for the remainder of the term, the healing or at least a tourniquet might be placed on the Constitutional Crisis we are wallowing in while still conducting actions on the world and domestic stage. The IRS scandal alone has the potential to call into sterile question the very validity of the reelection and the POTUS’ second term! Now I don’t want an overturning (not the kind that wishes ill on our nation’s fabric; impeachment not withstanding as it’s provided for in the previous)…. I want what’s best to preserve our constitution, but I remain baffled as to why there is not a full blown uprising of at least 5% if our population. I’m not suggesting the use of Liberty Trees or Boston Tea Party’s; but certainly the people and Congress should take an active and tireless action to say the crap stops now and we’ll use every tool of suopeana, arrest, and impeachment of those involved (Low Information Voters: impeachment doesn’t just apply to the POTUS). Absent, the very fabric of our nation is in danger of being ripped from the top as in David’s Temple if not irreparable already. More Americans have probably read Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey than have The Federalist Papers and are sadly cows in the sight of the Alinsky engineered narrative and news cycle. It’s as though there is no self respect.

Ok, off to enjoy my day


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Food and Wellness Journaling Event to create awareness about Crohn’s and MS while dropping a few pounds Along the way…. Read more.

Food Journaling/Wellness Challenge Aug/Sept 2014

Use a small book or pad of paper, what ever you please. Don’t have to publish, just be honest and try to learn something about how diet an rest are affecting you; we’re all different as you know. I would be willing to bet that by looking at how much water you consume alone, that many would step it up a notch and we’ll drop so pounds without a flashy diet; just hydration an honest awareness. Don’t get me wrong I est crap I shouldn’t all the time. But then I fast afterward of intentionally eat meals to offset my naughty ways. Then maybe though we can share some ideas that worked and didn’t. Do it and stick to it. Do get wrapped up our down about what you eat. Just log it and the symptoms (you know whatI mean) everyday for the month of August 2014. Log joint pain, abdominal pain, big flsti lent days from non, rate your sleep in the Am, irritability in afternoon, and ease of going to sleep at night. But get the hours done, how you feel and what you eat. At end of month I’m going to host a video conference for those who’d like to share or observe. Will go first week of September with prize drawing brought to you by local companies who are taking an interest in VA TBI, Crohn’s, and MS. Please respond so I have a bridge large enough to support the participants.
If anything your awareness as to the daily life of an MS, TBI, or Crohn’s patient will become palpable to you.

Even if you don’t participate, I could use the ‘like’ on the page more importantly than the post. Feel free to share go public. Thank you.

Questions/Hints call me 843-271-5600 or email at

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DHS, the new standing army……

Well worth the read and I believe spot on. I was not able to speak freely feuding<a href="http://

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“>FB post about subject the arm up and weaponizing of DHS, but I will say the the Rutherford Institute and especially it’s President are tell tales worth watching and gales to hear. All of the theblaze haters need to actually look at content and the extent of research coming out. Even Daily Caller and Brietbart have become valid news organizations because they are emboldened to no one, are God Fearing, and spent far not time studying the federalist papers than they did the Constitution and Bill of Rights…… Not to say with impunity, but because organizations like The Rutherford Institute, The Blaze, Daily Caller, Brietbart, etc…….. Get it: It is not the what, but the why. Corporations and generations were built on that simple statement; and it will be ideas and our nation’s people who with action and humbling themselves before The Lord will heal the land and drive out the police state; one by they way which is patterned after the Gestapo. Example:Border in concert with DHS can search and sieve up to 300 miles from our border; that could be Canada, Mexico, or Anna Maria Island Florida. There’s a reason your seeing the DHS checkpoints being built all along our nation’s thoroughfares. Those aren’t weigh stations separated every 15 miles and I’ve seen them in not lass than 8 states just in moving my family 1/3 of the way across the country.

Has the Dept. of Homeland Security Become America’s Standing Army?
If the United States is a police state, then the Department of Homeland Security is its national police force, with all the brutality, ineptitude and corruption such a role implies. In fact,…

MS-13 member arrested in La Grulla bringing in vehicle load of illegals

MS-13 member arrested in La Grulla bringing in vehicle load of illegals

I’m not sure how much of my out reach has has any contact with MS-13 or their ilk. But they make the gangsters of old American, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Italy, Russia, and China look like Barbie dolls. The are ruthless and barbaric

Discovery Park visit and possible deal to gift/loan 20+ artifacts plus uniforms.

Took Allyson to Discovery Park and had a great time with the best weather since coming to TN. I also spoke with the head curator whom I had previously only spoken over phone about donating/loaning about 20 items plus uniforms to their displays. Met with the head of Security too which is wanting me to work events and do risk assessments. But told the head administrator I’d be far happier/and felt more of a calling working as a guide/school guide/special event coordinator/research/information bubba

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A decade: Remembering Marine Lance Cpl. Scott E. Dougherty; my never ending condolences to the Warriors and Brothers of the Delta Company 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and the Dougherty Clan

Thouught I’d pass this along….

Voices for Reason – What Do We Celebrate on July 4? | The Ayn Rand Institute.

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I’ll get things streamlined and going soon.  I hate my current page design anyway so it will change much in the coming months as we get going.  We are still without HHG’s and have been told that maybe this week. (Its a long horrible issue/story that will take its own stage when it finally gets here.)   I finally had to break down and just rent beds this week because we couldn’t take it anymore.  Wendy and Allyson have already been here 40 days as of tomorrow.  I have so much to do with the VA stuff, medical stuff for the family, the houses immediate issues, my health, our sanity, etc…..  Life is rough but good.  We love and miss our Marine family and Friends and say thank you to the Family here and our new friends who’s help is invaluable.  Semper Fidelis, Shannon posted OTA via iPad

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