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America Remember Who You Belong To

“Remember who you belong to”
-Betty Armstrong 

When and every time my Grandmother said to us “remember who you belong to.” She didn’t just mean that we belonged to her as in don’t mess this up. She implied, implored, and impressed that by remembering to whom we belong to, that it meant to remember that I am a new creature and child of our Mighty Lord Christ Jesus. It meant to remember that I am a child of the family that is Beaman, Armstrong, Cooley, Wilson, and Wallace. 

That it meant to remember that it was those families for which I’m a child of, did in steadfast faith, purpose, and action settle on this continent at Plymouth, at Boston, in Kentucky, and at Nova Scotia. 
It meant to remember that members of our family were part of the 3 percent of colonialists who risked life, property, and their sacred honor to fight for our independence from Tyranny. They civilly founded two Constitution’s and if needed We today can and have already made in many states the groundwork to convene a third Constitutional Convention because the example has been laid before us. It also meant that I was to learn and study our history and the history of the world so that I might remember and be grateful and cautious to learn from our history. It meant never to forget the moments you have had with your Uncles and Grandfathers that have gone off to war; they won’t be with you forever so go to them young man, take leave young Marine while you still can. She meant that I was to choose the right heroes in life and then to remember you then belong to their memory and accountability also.

My heroes and/or beloved influencers were and are special and if you may not know of them, I’d be proud to introduce you to- Wendy Dawn White-Beaman, Sergeant Robert F Cooley USMC, Tech Sergeant James Earnest Armstrong USA, Tennie Wilson Beaman DAR, Roger Wilson Beaman, Ryan Wallace Beaman, Master Sergeant Jeff Hess USMC, Gunnery Sergeant Oronde Ward USMC, Chief Warrant Officer Henry Cooke USMC, General and President George Washington, Corporal Rick Johnson USMC, John Calvin, Rev Andrew Wiggins, Dr Christine Brown, Martin Luther, Rev Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Taylor Elizabeth Beaman, Allyson Rose Beaman, President Ronald Reagan, Rev Martin Luther King Jr, Rev/Chaplain Dean Emery USA, Rev R.C. Sproul, Rev John Piper, Staff Sergeant ‘Cricket Black’ USMC, 2nd Lieutenant Charlie ‘Hambizl’ Hamilton USMC, Chief Warrant Officer Don Brown USMC, Master Sergeant Joaquin Cocco USMC, Lance Corporal Scott Dougherty USMC, Master Gunnery Sergeant Michael ‘The Last Centurion’ Bragin USMC, Master Sergeant Edward Valdez USMC, Master Gunnery Sergeant Alberto Gomez, Sergeant Frederick Pou USMC, Lt Colonel Jack May USAF, Colonel Michael Bowersox USMC, Lt Colonel Christine Rabaja USMC, Gunnery Sergeant Mark Jones USMC, Master Gunnery Sergeant Lloyd Locklear USMC, C.S. Lewis, Gunnery Sergeant Paul Agromonte USMC, PM Sir Winston Churchill, Rev John Allen , Robert James Armstrong, SSgt Manuel Disla USMC, President Abraham Lincoln, the Police, Fire and Rescue, my brothers and sisters in arms and in the Lord, and even Glenn Beck…….

So I’m just thinking that with my lifes heroes being Christ, Elizabeth Holbrooke Cooley-Armstrong, George Washington, Wendy Dawn White-Beaman and my daughters; that could not ever be as though I don’t ‘belong’!

As my grandmother said thousands of times, but has joyfully been followed by James into their eternal home: “Remember who you belong to”

War is an Ugly Thing

Marine Captain T.H. Fisher- 1944

22 suicides among my brothers is 22 too many.


Tribal Holiday for the Marine Navajo Code-Talkers

Thank you Marine!


The Purple Heart and the Gospel

A great blog post; worth a read!


The Purple Heart and the Gospel.

Our newest Marine Officer 2nd Lt Charlie Hamilton 

A big congratulations to my dear friend Charlie upon his graduation from OCS. Having been a combat proven Marine as and enlisted Marine, I think the Corps has made and excellent decision in making you an Officer of Marines. I look forward to seeing you at TBS graduation or maybe at least a few nights here; you can take the family to 6 Flags or Zoo St Louis and we have Discovery Park her in my town. I know the family is proud. Tell Papa And Mana bear hello and thank you again to them and Andrea for trusting me in dealing with your career. Pictured above is Charlie and his father Jerry (also a former Marine). Miss you buddy, but know I was there in spirit I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life. Remember where you came from my brother and we need to talk before you begin TBS. -Shannon

AFTER FLIGHT 77 hit the Pentagon on 9/11, the following incident occurred:

AFTER FLIGHT 77 hit the Pentagon on 9/11, the following incident occurred:A chaplain, who happened to be assigned to the Pentagon, told of an incident that never made the news. A daycare facility inside the Pentagon had many children, including infants who were in heavy cribs. The daycare supervisor, looking at all the children they needed to evacuate, was in a panic over what they could do. There were many children, mostly toddlers, as well as the infants that would need to be taken out with the cribs.

There was no time to try to bundle them into carriers and strollers. Just then a young Marine came running into the center and asked what they needed. After hearing what the center director was trying to do, he ran back out into the hallway and disappeared. The director thought, “Well, here we are, on our own.”

About 2 minutes later, that Marine returned with 40 other Marines in tow. Each of them grabbed a crib with a child, and the rest started gathering up toddlers. The director and her staff then helped them take all the children out of the center and down toward the park near the Potomac.

Once they got about 3/4 of a mile outside the building, the Marines stopped in the park, and then did a fabulous thing – they formed a circle with the cribs, which were quite sturdy and heavy, like the covered wagons in the Old West. Inside this circle of cribs, they put the toddlers, to keep them from wandering off. Outside this circle were the 40 Marines, forming a perimeter around the children and waiting for instructions. There they remained until the parents could be notified and come get their children.

The chaplain then said, “I don’t think any of us saw nor heard of this on any of the news stories of the day. It was an incredible story of our men there.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The thought of those Marines and what they did and how fast they reacted; could we expect any less from them? It was one of the most touching stories from the Pentagon. It’s the Military, not the politicians that ensures our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s the Military who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag. If you care to offer the smallest token of recognition and appreciation for the military, please pass this on and pray for our men and women, who have served and are currently serving our country, and pray for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Thoughts on Will Durant’s Story of Civilizaton 

My post and a few thoughts on Will Durant….. I have many and most are not so nice, but a thorough historian he is. I just wish he were to stay in the academic and leave mocking religion or assigning the roots of each as branches of others. He did however write probably the most volumous history of the nations. Click my link to read
FB post regarding my observation concerning an example of what I believe are Will Durant’s flawed or just downright academically dishonest evaluation of historical documentation
What is sad is our children are taught things like this each and everyday and academia either does so intentionally or just no longer knows any better. I can assure you though that the textbook writers, curriculum developers, and most college professors know, yet do this sort of stuff as a living and therefore subvert our nation.

A Broken Understanding


Take the time to read this! the link is below after the jump……

Originally posted on The Tater Blog:


My concept of grace has, like most things in my life, been shaped byexperiences in combat.

In June of 2010, I had the honor of serving as a team leader for aMarine Corps Scout Sniper team in Musah Quelah, Afghanistan. Ourcompany was to clear the town of its Taliban presence, and when thingsgot really hairy, the whole battalion came to join the fight. CplClaudio Patino IV was a Marine on my team, and he was the livingpulse of it.


“Sup, ladies?”

My eight man team was a very effective unit, and we gothard results. I’ll leave the details out of it, but we were very goodat our jobs. Quite a bit of our actions against the enemy was due tothe insane courage and tactical proficiency of this one man.


He was not a “good” man in the sense that most of us see goodness, but he was very good at…

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Morning thoughts over coffee (28 Aug 2014

My thoughts this morning:

Ok, first see the President speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The man pauses expecting applause -vs- pausing anticipating applause. He won’t fire anyone, they just disappear like Seals, but I don’t think it’s his speech writers. Valerie Jarrett controls that; and well the POTUS is his narrascistic self. When your running a government that ignores laws it doesn’t like, interjects into state matters, avoids it’s own, and creates regulation or executive orders where the laws they desire do not already exist; it does not matter what the legislature does. Unfortunately the left believes the legislature is the biggest problem here. If the legislature would abandon lawmaking completely and just conduct and prosecute oversight for the remainder of the term, the healing or at least a tourniquet might be placed on the Constitutional Crisis we are wallowing in while still conducting actions on the world and domestic stage. The IRS scandal alone has the potential to call into sterile question the very validity of the reelection and the POTUS’ second term! Now I don’t want an overturning (not the kind that wishes ill on our nation’s fabric; impeachment not withstanding as it’s provided for in the previous)…. I want what’s best to preserve our constitution, but I remain baffled as to why there is not a full blown uprising of at least 5% if our population. I’m not suggesting the use of Liberty Trees or Boston Tea Party’s; but certainly the people and Congress should take an active and tireless action to say the crap stops now and we’ll use every tool of suopeana, arrest, and impeachment of those involved (Low Information Voters: impeachment doesn’t just apply to the POTUS). Absent, the very fabric of our nation is in danger of being ripped from the top as in David’s Temple if not irreparable already. More Americans have probably read Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey than have The Federalist Papers and are sadly cows in the sight of the Alinsky engineered narrative and news cycle. It’s as though there is no self respect.

Ok, off to enjoy my day


Link to FB post of same…..

Food and Wellness Journaling Event to create awareness about Crohn’s and MS while dropping a few pounds Along the way…. Read more.

Food Journaling/Wellness Challenge Aug/Sept 2014

Use a small book or pad of paper, what ever you please. Don’t have to publish, just be honest and try to learn something about how diet an rest are affecting you; we’re all different as you know. I would be willing to bet that by looking at how much water you consume alone, that many would step it up a notch and we’ll drop so pounds without a flashy diet; just hydration an honest awareness. Don’t get me wrong I est crap I shouldn’t all the time. But then I fast afterward of intentionally eat meals to offset my naughty ways. Then maybe though we can share some ideas that worked and didn’t. Do it and stick to it. Do get wrapped up our down about what you eat. Just log it and the symptoms (you know whatI mean) everyday for the month of August 2014. Log joint pain, abdominal pain, big flsti lent days from non, rate your sleep in the Am, irritability in afternoon, and ease of going to sleep at night. But get the hours done, how you feel and what you eat. At end of month I’m going to host a video conference for those who’d like to share or observe. Will go first week of September with prize drawing brought to you by local companies who are taking an interest in VA TBI, Crohn’s, and MS. Please respond so I have a bridge large enough to support the participants.
If anything your awareness as to the daily life of an MS, TBI, or Crohn’s patient will become palpable to you.

Even if you don’t participate, I could use the ‘like’ on the page more importantly than the post. Feel free to share go public. Thank you.

Questions/Hints call me 843-271-5600 or email at

Event link on FB; 1791 Thinkshop

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