A Retired/Disabled Marine Corps Officer with over 22 years of active duty. I feel often like the inept father to three beautiful girls and an unworthy husband to my wonderful bride. 

My world revolves around my girls and working to leave the places the Marine Corps sends me better than when I got there. The family endures so much to that end, that they in fact do as much or more for the Corps than I do. Wendy is the rock of my life and my ‘bestest’ friend. Taylor is witty and smarter than I’d like to think I am. Allyson Rose is goofy and extremely loving. Not perfect, but real, and experiencing as challenged a family-life and career as they come. I owe any bit of sanity to hopes of a day or two off from work and spending time with my girls. One day I will retire and hope to work in a position that will continue to allow me the opportunity to lead and inspire others. My interests are Florida State Football, The Buccaneers, the Yankees, my Red 1965 Galaxie 500, my girls, and maybe a time when I can get back to my hobbies of scale modeling, tinkering, and reading. I really hope to travel back to Italy with my beautiful Wendy one day and am working hard battling some numerable and serious medical issues, but try to keep up with this 120 year old home and biking to discover what the second half of my life’s purpose is.