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Front door for the secondhalf of my life using my time while disabled to become a book reviewer, editor, and blogger……. Advocating for Liberty and Veterans who suffer with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Severe Memory Impairment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumas, and those with Crohn's Disease and Seizure Disorder. Of course too I may muster the courage to begin my Scale Models again but fight tremor so bad that it maybe something best to just hang up and sell off. I've lost nearly every enjoyable skill and struggle with the idea of "doing it at all if I can't do so to the ability I once had". I'm most busy with doctors appointments and maintaining my 120 Year Old House, My Shop, Ranting, Retirement, and More… This blog was begun right before my health, career, and entire life's direction was wildly changed, so though the page is 5+ years old, it is bare boned.



Enzo Ferrari Builds Post 1.1

So, I have multiple iterations of the Enzo Ferrari.  I think 3 of the Tamiya Enzo 1/24 scale, 3 of the Revell Enzo 1/24 scale, 2 of the Tamiya FXX 1/24 scale, and 1 Tamiya Enzo 1/12 scale.  I need to get a new SD card for my Canon Rebel T1i, So photos are to follow.  I’ll be building a round of Tamiya La Ferrari’s and FXX K’s also and I may do some of that in concert with Enzo’s since there are so many similarities.  I’m most excited about the 1/12 Enzo though and that will be the capstone build before moving on I think.

It has been five and a half years since I’ve built/worked on any of my models.  As many of you know, my traumatic brain injury (TBI) and retirement from the Marine Corps turned my entire world inside out and I can’t say I’ve got it all together yet by any means.  There are many more medical, mental, and emotional issues that I’m struggling with and will do so for my entire life.  I have been in a hermit mindset for 5 years now and I’m doing what I can to break the cycle.  I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of what I live with.  I also know that I am not alone; that many of my Marine brothers are struggling and in pain each and every day.

At first, I had stopped building simply because I was simply learning how to live and make it day to day.  Then too, the TBI was ending my career and I was being pushed into retirement at a time for which we had not planned to.  So after 22+ years in the Marine Corps, I retired and at the same time, I am 100% disabled as well.  So after moving, I couldn’t bear to see my uniforms, my library, my models, my tools; basically everything I had enjoyed.  I have used the excuse of my tremors to explain my staying away from modeling, but the truth is the same as so many things: that I fear I can’t do things to the level or caliber I once did.  Long story short, I’ve been barely getting by all this time.  So I have decided to re-commit myself to scale models with the knowledge that I’ll build a few glue-bombs in the beginning.  So with that, I have dug it all out and have been getting back to doing research and finding the sources for the detail items I’ll need but don’t already have.   I’ll “treat each part as though it is its own model’ and figure out how to get around the tremor somehow.

S/F, -B

– True Dat

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Time for a change….

I’ve read hundreds of books over the years and I’m going to begin writing reviews of those,  also those book in my library yet to be read, and most excitingly those I’ll be reviewing/editing for a myriad of publishers that have already offered me said opportunity.  Some big name publishers too!

Book blogging…. Who’d have thought?

Marine Forced Out of Corps to Recieve Award

From Marine Corps Times: Marine forced out of the Corps to receive valor award 

The second squad of first platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment certainly was the battalions black sheep. Fellow Marines described them as everything from short-timers to sh*t bags when Sgt. 
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War is an Ugly Thing

Marine Captain T.H. Fisher- 1944

22 suicides among my brothers is 22 too many.


Tribal Holiday for the Marine Navajo Code-Talkers

Thank you Marine!


Our newest Marine Officer 2nd Lt Charlie Hamilton 

A big congratulations to my dear friend Charlie upon his graduation from OCS. Having been a combat proven Marine as and enlisted Marine, I think the Corps has made and excellent decision in making you an Officer of Marines. I look forward to seeing you at TBS graduation or maybe at least a few nights here; you can take the family to 6 Flags or Zoo St Louis and we have Discovery Park her in my town. I know the family is proud. Tell Papa And Mana bear hello and thank you again to them and Andrea for trusting me in dealing with your career. Pictured above is Charlie and his father Jerry (also a former Marine). Miss you buddy, but know I was there in spirit I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life. Remember where you came from my brother and we need to talk before you begin TBS. -Shannon

Insomnia and Preparing P/E

Follow the link to my FB post and join/like the group while your there please:

P/E primer while wide awake and looking for good ideas on possible 1/350 resin figures


Insomnia and the rare 60′ El Camino

Insomnia Elky with some starter pics on the FB post to it and the shop page.

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